Theia Health has years of experience in completing Comprehensive Nursing Assessments for Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) providers and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) providers.  Whether your agency has fallen behind and needs assistance getting up-to-date or wishes to use our experienced nurses to relieve the burden from your current registered nurses, Theia Health can help.


Comprehensive Nursing Assessments serves as a comprehensive approach for nurses and support staff to the care for consumers in a healthy and safe manner.  Often times, nurses rush through this process simply due to a lack of time and the demand to tend to more urgent and pressing needs of those they serve.

A thorough body systems review is essential in identifying any possible or potential underlying conditions.  It is also essential in establishing a baseline for each patient.  If used appropriately and documented thoroughly, this baseline acts as a foundation for future HCS or ICF assessments.

Chart reviews are more than gathering information to fill in the blanks of a comprehensive nursing assessment.  Properly done, chart reviews can give the nurse an in-depth history on the patient, including history of behaviors, medication history, etc.

Interviewing the patient is an obvious step in the comprehensive nursing assessment process.  However, interviewing care givers, staff and others familiar with the consumer can bring enormous insight into the consumer’s likes, dislikes, triggers, and much more.

Recommendations can range from follow up physician consultations, referrals to various therapies, or perhaps simply recommendations for activities of daily living to promote a healthy and happy outcome for the consumer.

The development of nursing service plans (NSP) is where it all comes together.  NSPs providing direction and strategies in the care of the consumer.  Not just strategies for the nurse, but equally important strategies for the staff that care for the consumer on a daily basis.


Although there is no one such thing as a unified, concrete approach to completing a comprehensive HCS or ICF nursing assessment, there are strategies to getting the most out of the final product.  The process should always be well thought out, detailed oriented, and well written so that it can efficiently and effectively be used as a tool to providing care.

The nurses at Theia Health are trained to go the extra mile when completing a comprehensive HCS or ICF assessment.  It’s so much more than simply filling in the blanks and checking boxes.  Through a systematic, yet flexible approach, our nurses produce an appropriate and effective guide to the healthcare team when caring for a consumer.

Moreover, we don’t simply hand off a completed assessment and leave it up to the Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) provider or Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) provider to implement.  Theia Health will be with you and your team every step along the way.  Providing staff training, delegations, and consumer specific training to your staff is just a few “after the fact” support steps that Theia Health is able to provide.